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Getting Past Trauma: Being Kind To Oneself

This being Mental Health Awareness month, Switch Media Kenya is sending out love, light, hope, prayers and support to anyone dealing with trauma.


There are countless articles, blogs, books, podcasts and videos that offer guidelines on how to get past trauma and this one here is one of them. Maybe approaching this subject from a different angle will help a traumatized soul that is still desperately scouring the internet, trying to heal from their trauma.

Getting Past Trauma: Being Kind To Oneself.
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It is ironic how traumatizing it actually is to get past one’s trauma. The panic attacks that ensue after a traumatizing experience could be paralyzing. Anything, even the smallest of things could be a trigger. Seeing a therapist has proven to be the most effective method of healing from trauma. Sadly, not everyone has the privilege of accessing or affording one. Trauma has a way of changing one’s life completely and in most cases, for the worst.

Be Kind To Yourself
Kindness is the most primary act that most therapists recommend when it comes to getting past trauma. I once read an article that stated, “There is no greater injustice that can be done unto one than the injustice of being unkind to oneself.” Kindness, just like charity has to begin from home. In this case, home is within oneself. Coming to terms with what happened, making peace with it and making a personal decision to move past it is very vital. However, what’s more vital is what one does after taking these vital steps.

Getting Past Trauma: Being Kind To Oneself.
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Making a mental note to always be kind to yourself in the face of things that trigger your trauma is the highest form of self-care. If need be, do whatever it takes to remind yourself every minute of the day that you always have to be kind to yourself. When those dark thoughts begin to kick in, remind yourself to be kind to yourself.

It is already enough that there are a list things that rob you off your joy. Do not do yourself the injustice of adding yourself to that list. Do not be actively involved in any activity or thought that is unhealthy for your mental state.

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It is okay to cry, scream and break things. It is okay to let off the steam sometimes when the pressure becomes too much. Albeit, what is not okay is denying yourself the help, support, love and care that you need. Be kind to yourself. Handle yourself with care. You are valuable goods (not delicate, spoilt or perishable goods!).

You survived what most people did not. Put some respect on your name because you are stronger than that which tried to break you!


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