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Former Kenya rugby player found guilty in rape case

Former Kenya Sevens and Harlequins rugby player Alex Olaba has been sentenced to six years imprisonment for threatening a witness in a rape case. He was found guilty of two counts, conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to defeat the justice system.


Nairobi Court Magistrate Geoffrey Onsarigo in his ruling on Wednesday said, “Although the accused is remorseful, the offences he faces are serious. I convict him to six years in count one of conspiracy to kill and two years imprisonment on the second account of interference with the judicial process”

Between April 14 and April 22 2022,Olaba with others not present at the court attempted to kill KA who is a complainant in the gang rape case as well as conspiracy to murder case

.He was arrested in Nairobi West where he was meeting an undercover detective planning the said murder of the witness.. Police said they recovered two mobile phones from Olaba which are undergoing forensic analysis to establish if there were more players in the crime.

Olaba had apparently approached another party seeking ways of eliminating the witness before police were informed. The officers then sent undercover officers who posed as possible executors of his mission before they pounced on him. After his arrest, Olaba told police he had been possessed by satanic spirits.

Together with his accomplice Frank Wanyama, they are accused of jointly committing the crime on February 11 2018 at an apartment in Highrise Nairobi Alex Olaba and Wanyama were found guilty of rape in August 2019 and sentenced to 15 years each.

The duo were charged afresh on June 30 2020. Justice Ngenye overturned the sentencing stating that there was no evidence that one of the witnesses had been sworn in as required by law. She declined to acquit them stating that the evidence by the prosecution showed that the act was not consensual.

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