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Living Lavishly! Celebrities Who Live Extraordinary Lifestyles

Celebrities, with their immense fortunes, have perfected the art of indulging in opulent and extravagant residences. Their net worths enable them to embrace a lifestyle of grandeur, where living like royalty becomes a norm.


These beloved stars reside in magnificent mansions that redefine the essence of luxury, taking it to unprecedented heights.

Taylor Swift — Ksh 2. 36 Billion, Rhode Island

Celebrity sensation Taylor Swift, a veritable real estate mogul, boasts a remarkable $84 million portfolio spanning eight properties across four states. Among her favourites is a lavish oceanside mansion in Rhode Island, which she acquired for a staggering $17 million in cash.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Although she frequently hosted grand parties and gatherings for her friends at the residence, the time has come for a change, as the house is now up for sale at $18.9 million. Fancy being Taylor Swift’s neighbour?

Bill Gates — Ksh 20.44 Trillion, Washington

Bill Gates, the brilliant mind behind Microsoft and one of the wealthiest individuals globally, resides in an unimaginably luxurious home. As the tech godfather, his 66,000-square-foot mansion boasts an abundance of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Impressive, considering his humble beginnings as a college dropout. Remember, though, staying in school is still the way to go!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West — Ksh 2.77 Billion ,California

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, a match made in heaven, are renowned for their impeccable taste and style. Their $20 million residence, nestled in Hidden Hills, is a stunning 15,667-square-foot property that leaves no room for secrecy. Situated on a generous 3-acre plot and featuring a private pool, this home exudes opulence.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Notably, its close proximity to Kris Jenner’s house adds to its allure.

Michael Jordan — Ksh 2.08 Billion, Chicago

Even 15 years after his retirement from the NBA, legendary player Michael Jordan continues to expand his empire through shrewd investments and business ventures. With the ability to afford the finest luxuries, Jordan’s opulent lifestyle includes private estates, custom planes, and even his own golf course. Despite its grandeur, Jordan’s 56,000-square-foot estate has struggled to find a buyer, remaining on the market for over six years.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Despite price cuts and an unsuccessful auction, the property has yet to be sold. At one point, Jordan even sweetened the deal by offering a complete set of Air Jordans alongside the house. Intrigued now?

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Dolly Parton — Brentwood, Ksh 117.12Million, Tennessee

Despite her status as the ultimate country queen, Dolly Parton‘s approach to her homes remains refreshingly humble. While one might expect her to reside in a lavish $10 million mansion, Parton’s down-to-earth nature shines through. She even took the initiative to purchase and restore her childhood home. Presently, Parton and her husband reside in a house they acquired in 1999 for a mere $400,000! Additionally, they own over 70 acres of land in the area, which they have utilized to construct guest homes, a tennis court, and a pond.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Nevertheless, the home where Dolly sleeps and sings is valued at a modest $845,000—a testament to her humility.

The Obama Family — Ksh 1.1 Billion, Washington, D.C.

Following their departure from the White House in 2017, former U.S. President Barack Obama and his family transitioned to private life. While not the White House, their new residence in Washington is nothing short of impressive. Situated in Kalorama, the Obamas’ estate shares its neighbourhood with numerous ambassadors.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

The house features five bedrooms, each adorned with a fireplace, creating a cosy atmosphere for cold winter nights.

Christina Aguilera — Ksh 1.87 Billion , LA

Christina María Aguilera, the queen of soul and pop, boasts an impressive career with five Grammy Awards and over 75 million records sold worldwide. A proud mother of two, she indulges in luxurious living, evident in her walk-in closet filled with designer shoes.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

With a successful career spanning from her teenage years, Aguilera comfortably resides in a magnificent $13.5 million mansion, ensuring her bank account remains prosperous.

Former Prince Harry — Priceless, Nottingham Cottage, London, England

Prince Harry, born in 1984 to King Charles and Princess Diana, gained a reputation as the “rebellious one” during his teenage years. However, he has since settled down and married Meghan Markle, welcoming their first child in 2019. Prior to leaving the royal family, they resided in the charming Nottingham Cottage, nestled within the Nottingham estate.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

With its surrounding trees and climbing roses, the cottage provided the couple with cherished privacy—a priceless gem beyond the reach of hefty mortgages.

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Britney Spears — Listed for Ksh 1.28 Billion , Thousands Oaks, CA

Pop princess Britney Spears cherishes spending quality time at home with her sons, Sean and Jayden, often engaging in playful pursuits throughout the expansive house and garden. Living up to her royal status, the late ’90s and early 2000s icon enjoys a life of luxury.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Her remarkable California residence, complete with a spa, golf course, and tennis court, is now listed for an impressive $9 million, suggesting a desire for something even grander.

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Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin — Ksh 1.11 Billion, Beverly Hills, CA

Iconic Canadian pop star and his model-heiress wife, both in their 20s, own multiple impressive properties in the United States. However, their favourite for now is their Beverly Hills residence. Spanning 6,132 square feet, the brick home features a sunken living room, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a kitchen with white oak cabinetry and a spacious island.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Additional highlights include a home theatre, library, Art Deco-inspired bar, wine cellar, lush greenery, a zero-edge swimming pool, and a cabana with a fireplace.

Drake —Ksh 1.07 Billion , Hidden Hills

Drake, the Canadian rapper, is currently constructing an extravagant mansion in Hidden Hills, Canada. However, in the meantime, he considers his “modest” mansion his home sweet home.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Despite resembling a luxurious resort, this property boasts a resort-style pool, caves, waterfalls, and even secret passageways. Drake certainly knows how to embrace a regal lifestyle.

Rihanna —Ksh 3.04 Billion, Barbados

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, born in Barbados, has the freedom to reside anywhere in the world with her estimated $260 million fortune. However, she chooses to embrace the “simple” island lifestyle that she holds dear. Demonstrating her connection to her roots, she purchased a stunning $22 million home in her hometown of Barbados.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

It must be a true pleasure for her to return to this tropical paradise, overlooking the picturesque Caribbean Sea, and live in her dream-like Barbie home.

Celine Dion — Ksh 9.0 Billion, Florida

With a staggering net worth of $800 million, Celine Dion enjoys the luxury of indulging in lavish possessions. One such extravagant acquisition is her mansion featuring water slides, a man-made river, pools, and a private beach. It’s truly a privilege to relish all these amenities without the burden of a mortgage.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Celine’s remarkable water-park home, originally built by her and her late husband Renee Angelil, was located on Jupiter Island, Florida. Despite initially being listed for $72 million in 2013, it eventually sold for $38.5 million, nearly half of the asking price.

Jennifer Lopez — Ksh 2.36 Billion, California

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of Pop and the queen of business! The Latina diva is estimated to be worth $380 million dollars.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Lopez lives in a stunning home, one that she decorated herself in a very elegant and classy fashion. We are guessing she pays a lot for home insurance!

Lady Gaga — Ksh 3.19 Billion, Malibu

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, AKA Lady Gaga, well known is well known for her unconventionality. Gaga began performing as a teenager, singing at open mic nights and acting in school plays. All this hard work has brought her to an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Although she’s known for her bizarre style her personal home is rather elegant and not very “out there”. Gaga’s Mediterranean-style villa has a view of the Pacific Ocean and sits on over six acres of land.

Adele —Ksh 1.32 Billion, Los Angeles

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. By the age of 30s, she already had a very impressive music career any up-and-coming artist could only wish for. She has several hit records, she has performed all over the world and her net worth is around $150 million.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

One of the biggest voices in music today, singer Adele recently decided to make this 6,000+ square foot space her home. Her home sits on a gigantic 17,000-foot lot and has five bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen that sports marble countertops, a pool, a gazebo, and a wine cellar.

Mark Zuckerberg — Ksh 6.93 Billion, Palo Alto

As one of the richest people in the world and the founder of Facebook, it comes as no surprise that Zuckerberg would have a nice home. He actually owns all five homes on the same street for guaranteed privacy. (In all he owns 10 homes).

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

His actual home is pretty nice and has a porch, backyard, and pool. There are rumours that he is building a safe room in one of the properties. It is safe to assume that he has no loans or mortgages.

Donald & Melania Trump —Ksh 13.86 Billion, Manhattan

Donald and Melania Trump’s Manhattan Penthouse is located at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. The President and First Lady live on the top three floors of this grand penthouse.

Celebrities  Who Live Lavish Lifestyles: Living Lavishly!

Being a wealthy businessman before he entered the White House, it is no surprise that this billionaire would have an extra home like this. At almost 11,000 feet, it is covered in marble and gold and has a great view of New York City.

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