Skincare Secrets Kenyan Celebrities Live by

You favorite Kenyan influencer has probably done a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video showcasing her skincare routine that keeps her glow. Early this year, Azziad shared her journey of curing and healing from acne and finally getting clear and glowing skin. With all the make-up they put on a daily basis and still manage to have amazing skin, they prioritize their skincare and have learnt what works best for their skin.


This are some of the secret tips you should know about how they get and maintain their flawless skin after struggling with acne:

Laser treatment.

Natalie Tewa has shared her journey on her Instagram on how bad her cystic acne was and the scaring that it left. She used many products but decided to finally go for laser therapy which she did periodically before getting her flawless skin. Unlike what many think, it is actually quite affordable and painless. Her acne needed laser and that may not be the case for everybody so before you book a laser appointment, seek dermatologist approval.

natalie Tewa shares her skincare routine

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Zinc supplements.

Patricia Kihoro shares how she has had to take zinc supplements to help regulate her hormones because of her hormonal acne that was hard, painful and appeared on her chin, jaw and mouth area and left really bad scars. She shares where you can buy the zinc supplements and advises you focus on supplements that solely have zinc. For this you will also need to consult with a professional to ensure your acne is hormonal.

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Skincare Secrets Kenyan Celebrities Live by

Curate a skincare routine.

Joy Kendi shares a lot about her routine that she follows to the tea. Recently, she shared her night routine that if tweaked here and there would be perfect for the girls who struggle with acne. During her night skincare routine, she starts by cleansing her face with warm water, tones her face, puts an eye mask, after this she puts serums that work for skin type so something like retinol would work for acne prone skin and finally moisturizes her face.

For this to be effective, you need to know what cleanser, face masks, serums and moisturizers work best with your skin.

Acne can be controlled with also drinking lots of water, eating healthy and avoiding stress.

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