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Block and Mute: The Only Way to Deal with Trolls on Social Media

Being active on social media means you have to deal with different types of people. The anonymity that comes with having a social media account has made it easy for trolls to thrive in the space. The Kenyan side of Twitter is especially notorious for harboring bullies and full-time trolls.


Despite having guidelines against bullying and trolling on social media, there are always those who will find a way to circumvent the rules and push their agenda. As a creator on social media, there are ways you can keep your social media feed negativity-free;

  • Curate Your Feed

This will involve taking back control of your social media pages and choosing who shows up on your feed and what type of content you don’t want on your feed. You can choose to unfollow and mute the accounts of people who consistently post and interact with content that is offensive and abusive. While at it, identify accounts that provide valuable content in your area of interest and follow them.

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Create a healthy social media environment for yourself by interacting with content that is good for your mental wellbeing. Curating your feed is a continuous process as you will have to assess the accounts that you follow and interact with often.

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  • Block and Mute

This is the best way to keep trolls away from your social media feed and maintain a positive online presence. Choosing to block people who engage in abusive behavior ensures that they cannot interact with your content and lowers their chances of ever getting to your feed. Some social media platforms like Instagram give you the option to block all the potential accounts affiliated with a user and those that they can create in the future.


Muting offensive words is also a good way to keep your feed clean and positive. Social media platforms like Twitter allow you to filter out specific words and phrases from your feed. This is the perfect way to intentionally steer clear of triggering content on your timeline.

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Dealing with trolls requires you to be proactive and act on the issues as they arise. It is a continuous process and you will always have to keep repeating the same measures to have a positive online experience.


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