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Power of Social Media sheds light on Jeff Mwathi’s Death

The power of social media platforms has generated light on the murder of Jeff Mwathi which left many Kenyans in shock following the incident.


His death has ruffled many Kenyans and led to them demanding justice across all social media platforms and successfully caught the attention of so many including the latest person to call for justice, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration Prof Kithure Kindiki who has directed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to pursue the case.

Power of Social Media Gives Light to the Death of Jeff Mwathi
PHOTO/COURTESY: The late Jeff Mwathi.

On February 22, Mwathi allegedly died by suicide and was buried at his rural home on March 3, 2023.

Jeff Mwathi was last seen at Lawrence Njuguna famously known as Dj Fatxo’s apartment along Thika road.

Jeff met up with Dj Fatxo on February 21, 2023, to talk about an interior design job which he had informed his mother about through Whats App voice notes.

Jeff`s mother stated that her last conversation with her son was exciting as he was happy that he found a job and would be able to support himself and his brother.

From the released Whats App voice notes, Jeff was definitely excited to work with DJ Fatxo on the job.

His excruciating death happened when he fell from the 10th floor of a building.

According to Fatxo, he left Jeff in his apartment and says that he is not aware of what might have happened while he was away. Fatxo also claimed that Jeff committed suicide.

Power of Social Media Gives Light to the Death of Jeff Mwathi
PHOTO/COURTESY: The late Jeff Mwathi.

His girlfriend says that he tried calling Jeff several times and stopped because she assumed he was asleep. She tried contacting Dj Fatxo the next morning but to no avail.

According to the girlfriend, Jeff was in the company of the DJ and other friends. They went out for drinks and later on went back to Dj Fatxo’s apartment located along Thika Road.

Later on, Fatxo left the apartment and left Jeff in the house with his cousin and another man.

CCTV footage showed two men scanning the parking lot area and a few moments later, Jeff fell off the building.

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Too many questions were unanswered but after a directive from Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki and Director of Criminal Investigation Amin Mohamed, detectives from the homicide department on Friday, March 10, visited the apartment to investigate the death of Jeff Mwathi.

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“The public is assured that no stone shall be left unturned in the investigation of this case and any person found to have been involved in the death shall face the full force of the law,” Amin affirmed.

Power of Social Media Gives Light to the Death of Jeff Mwathi
PHOTO/COURTESY: The grave of Jeff Mwathi.

“Meanwhile, anyone with information that may assist us, in this case, is asked to volunteer it to the head of Homicide at DCI headquarters or call our toll-free number 0800 722 203,” wrote the DCI.


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