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Beef: Harmonize’s war of wealth with Jaguar rages on

Jaguar and Harmonize

Harmonize and Jaguar’s beef continues to burn as it creates more sensation and discussion on the internet, on who has more money than the other.


Recently in an interview, Jaguar stated that he has no beef with Harmonize and was only stating facts that he is richer than him. He also went further into the interview, to state that he could also add Chameleon and Alikiba to the list.

Jaguar also came out clean to set the record straight, that he respects Harmonize and the far he has reached as he urged to continue to work hard to reach his level of wealth.

“Mahali amefika atie bidi bado kuna mtu hajafikia” Jaguar said.

In response Harmonize posted on his social media stories stating that, Jaguar has no money and is not young. Harmonize also added that after his African tour, he is sure that Jaguar won’t speak as he did earlier, leaving us with a hint that he would be 100k USD richer.

“You got no money, you are not young bro, 100k USD to get on stage!!After My African tour I’m sure you can’t say this again. I love your new song keep using me as promo code.” Harmonize posted.

Harmonize post on Instagram.

As celebrities keep flaunting money, Jaguar has raised the game to a whole new level, stating that all is wealth was made through music and investing, and therefore should serve to motivate the young, and upcoming musician.

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