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Adhiambo: Video Vixen Disses Bahati for Not Paying Her

Brenda Otieno who was the main video vixen in Bahati’s song Adhiambo, featuring Prince Indah, has released a diss track asking Bahati to pay her Ksh 4 million due.


The video vixen Brenda earlier this week, opened up on not being paid any amount by the artist after featuring on his music video.

The song was a major hit with a total of 22 million views after being posted one year ago.

Brenda explained that their earlier agreement was around 100k and is now asking for 4 million since the amount has gained interest over a year and a half.

The diss track has gained a lot of talk with netizens reacting to the issue about her payment.

“We must get this money” Adhiambo stated in one of the interviews as she asked for support from fellow women.

Brenda had agreed with Bahati to be paid after the video and explained in an interview that she feels used and has not heard from nor reached out to Bahati’s management.

Brenda claimed that she will use the legal way to resolve the issue.

She clarified that what she wants is 20% of the total earning of the song which from her calculation amounts to four million Kenyan shillings.

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