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Multiskilled Producer and DJ GI Selects and Lastii Collab For Exciting Debut EP

GI Selects

This Kenyan collab is one you never knew you needed; GI Selects and Lastii release debut EP ‘Doba za Wagenge’, Dyana Cods among featuring artists


You must be asking, who is GI Selects? A versatile entrepreneur in the music industry, venturing into a new field that has always been under his nose. Well, it’s always a gamble but not this time, as the producer, DJ, and Entrepreneur has released his debut EP teaming up with Lastii, a young upcoming star, for the EP ‘Doba za Wagenge’.

Lastii, who is regarded as a young prodigy in the Kenyan music scene, is admired for his relentless rhyming, raw and compelling storytelling, and virtuoso ability to deliver on-the-spot freestyles. He is one of the most creative Kenyan artists to watch out for because of his relatability to the average Kenyan in his expressive lyrics, as well as his ability to craft catchy hooks, easygoing lines, and jaw-dropping jargon.

Others have even compared him to New York’s Notorious B.I.G. because of his style. He is also a vibe influenced by Kenyan rap veterans Mejja, Nyashinski, and E-Sir.

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GI learned about Lastii through a tip from a local boda rider who told him that Lastii was “a talent to watch.” GI, who has been working in the music business for about ten years, took the advice to heart and requested to meet with Lastii, who, according to him, was still in his fourth year in high school when they first spoke.

For more than five years, GI has been Nairobi rapper and entertainer Barak Jacuzzi’s DJ, accompanying him on tours and playing at both large festivals and smaller events all throughout the country.

Celebrated female rapper Dyana Cods is featured on the track ‘Anaipenda’ and she shows seamless chemistry between her and Lastii, fulfilling a Genge dancehall vibe, true to the Heart of Culture, which is the pattern over the rest of the EP.

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‘Doba za Wagenge’ has an old-school feel with a new-school touch. They have incorporated Dancehall, Hip-hop, Afrobeats, Alté, and R&B; the most well-known musical genres now and for many past years, in the EP. The three main languages of Nairobi City- Sheng, Swahili, and English are used in every song.

Doba za Wagenge EP Tracklist

  1. Lastii – Doba za Wagenge (produced by Nagi)
  2. Lastii – Tiktok (Whine) ft. Gi Selects (produced by Neevo)
  3. Lastii – Sina ft. Malika (produced by Nagi)
  4. Lastii – Kiende Left ft. Kosti Mgaza & Mysling Nadra (prod. Blanq Beatz)
  5. Lastii – Polepole (produced by Nagi)
  6. Lastii – Come Nikupe ft. Toxic Westside (produced by K-Wise)
  7. Lastii – Anaipenda ft. Dyana Cods (produced by Afrvka)
  8. Lastii – Tena (produced by Roc Legion)

By only including rappers and singers that are totally underground and yet have highly desirable talent, the project maintains its worth in fusing hidden treasures in the Kenyan music industry.
Malika, Kosti Mgaza, Mysling Nadra, and Toxic Westside are a few of the undisputed upcoming stars on the EP.

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