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Ethiopian Government Imposes Curfew in Gonder city due to ongoing Protests

On the streets of Gonder City, Ethiopia, the air is thick with tension as protests rage on for the fifth consecutive day. The government’s proposal to disband a regional force has sparked outrage among the Amhara people, who have taken to the streets in large numbers to voice their dissent.


As local officials announce a curfew in an effort to quell the unrest, the eyes of the world turn to this city in the northern region of Amhara. Will the protests continue to escalate, or will the curfew bring an end to the chaos?

As per the press statement by the Gonder city administration command post, people are not allowed to operate between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Ethiopian Government Imposes Curfew in Gonder city due to ongoing Protests
PHOTO/Courtesy: Unrest in Ethiopia

The bars and nightclubs have also been prohibited from remaining open beyond 9 pm.

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The demonstrations began last week after the government announced plans to disband the Amhara Special Forces, a unit formed to counter ethnic-based violence in the region.

The protesters are calling for the government to reverse its decision, arguing that the Amhara Special Forces play a crucial role in maintaining security in the area. They have also criticized the government for failing to address other pressing issues, including unemployment and rising food prices.

The government Ethiopian declared its intention to merge the Amhara Special Forces into either the federal army or police force with the aim of fostering national cohesion.

Ethiopian Government Imposes Curfew in Gonder city due to ongoing Protests
PHOTO/Courtesy: Demonstration in Ethiopia

The decision of the government to dissolve the Amhara Special Forces has sparked fears among the protesters that it would leave them vulnerable to attacks from adjacent regions.

The protest resulted in the deaths of four individuals, two of whom were aid workers with Catholic Relief Services from Ethiopia.

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The situation in the Amhara region remains tense, with reports of clashes between protesters and security forces. The government has urged calm and called on protesters to express their grievances peacefully.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, on Sunday, pledged to move forward with his plan even if it meant paying a cost.

Ethiopia has experienced widespread protests and civil unrest in recent years due to a range of political and social issues. The government has implemented various reforms to address some of these concerns, but unrest has persisted in some parts of the country.

The ongoing protests in the Amhara region highlight the complex challenges facing the government as it seeks to address the country’s social and political issues. It is important for all parties to engage in constructive dialogue and work towards a peaceful resolution of the situation.

In addition to the curfew, the city administration has also deployed security forces to the affected areas to ensure compliance with the curfew and to maintain law and order.

The administration has called on all residents of the city to cooperate with the security forces and to comply with the curfew in order to prevent further incidents of violence and to restore peace and stability in the region.


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