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Diana Marua asks for prayers as baby Malaika Bahati spends 7th day in hospital

Diana Marua

Diana Marua proved to be a good friend and mother as she went to Akothee’s wedding and later went to visit her lastborn daughter Malaika, who has been in hospital for the past seven days.


Despite the difficult time she is facing, the mother of three still summed up her strength and Attended Akothee’s wedding, to congratulate the bride and groom and wish them well before later on, heading straight to the hospital to give her child love and care.

“My Family needs me and my friends too, straight from Akothee’Kenya’s wedding to Komarock Modern where My daughter, Malaika Bahati, has been admitted for the last seven days… About to start My night shift in the ward Keep us in your prayers We all wish to see her back home .” Diana Marua wrote.

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Diana revealed that her daughter was unwell and had been hospitalised since April 8. She asked her fans and supporters to mention her daughter in their prayers.

She also shared photos of her child receiving medical attention from the doctors and nurses. Diana Marua prays that her daughter will heal and be home with family soon.

Many of her fans and followers wished Malaika a quick recovery and have promised to keep her in their prayers. Some also flooded the comment section with encouraging messages asking Diana Marua and their family to be strong in these challenging times.
She also thanked the doctors and nurses who are working tooth and nail to attend to Malaika and restore her health.

Diana Marua and Malaika File/COURTESY.

“Thank you to all Doctors and nurses who’ve been on shift to attend to my baby here Komarock Modern and are doing everything to make sure Laika is comfortable and recovering well… God please heal my baby girl.” Diana Marua wrote.

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