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Diana Marua’s message to her ex-boyfriends, “Wenye waliniacha mezeni kiwaru”


Content creator Diana Marua has slammed her ex-boyfriends who deserted her before she finally settled down with singer Kevin Bahati.


On Saturday, the content creator took to Instagram and had harsh words for her previous lovers who walked out, wondering how they must be feeling whenever they see her happy with Bahati.

“Sasa, ma’EX wetu wanaskiangaje Jamani??? Huku mahaba tuuu #DubaiAtoZ,” she asked.

“Wenye waliniacha mezeni kiwaru,” she wrote.

The mother of three informed her husband that she is committed to him and that their love will endure.

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Diana added, “I’m honey, lick me slowly,” as they gushed over one other with Bahati.

Bahati, on his part, stated that he is in a good place with his wife and is preoccupied with her.

“These days, why don’t you listen to me anymore, I don’t listen to you crying, I don’t listen to you talking… I’m busy with Boo, man, I’ve already said it. I’m busy with my girlfriend @diana_marua,” Bahati said.

Diana Marua and her husband Kevin Bahati

The pair has been married for seven years and has three children together.

Bahati has a child from her former relationship with Yvette Obura.

Diana and Bahati had already returned to Kenya following a trip to Dubai. Marua was met by the media upon her arrival in the country and was obliged to face her feud with Tanasha.

Tanasha Donna unfollowed her after Marua released a song with lyrics that appeared to be aimed at her.

“Tanasha and I are good friends. We are good friends and we support her whenever she needs us,” Diana said.

Diana went on to say that anything she said in the song is nothing to be upset about.

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“For me, it is not anything to carry beef about or become personal. I have been unfollowed, I do not know since I was so busy in Dubai.”

Diana Marua seems to imply in her songs that Diamond snatched the car he had given Tanasha.

“Tanasha Dona hukuweka sukari, ukanyang’anywa Prado daaah (unarudi soko). Na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu mkidhani Nasibu (atarudi soko).”


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