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Chepchikoni Works some Culinary Magic on Kitchen Safari

Chep Chikoni

‘Chakula imeenda shule’ is exactly what Kitchen guru Chepchikoni prepared after making a guest appearance on this week’s episode of Kitchen Safari.


Wednesday’s episode of Kitchen Safari was one wild one, filled with energy and vibrancy from the one and only Chepchikoni, a food enthusiast and content creator.
Click the video to watch Chepchikoni on Kitchen Safari

She and Kush Tracey hit it off, (call it love at first sight), enjoying each other’s company while making a delectable dish of mushroom and cashew nut fried rice with a side salad.

As usual, the experience was full of banter (When is Kitchen Safari ever without it). Chep gave her fans a taste of her personal life, all the while sharing some top-tier kitchen tips.

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All about Chepchikoni.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Hodiah Chepchirchir. I’m a 29-year-old self-taught cook. I love and highly recommend Jesus

Take us back to when the vision of Chepchikoni was born, how did it come to be?

It was born in August 2017. It means a girl in the kitchen in Kipsigis

The name Chepchikoni arouses a lot of curiosity. Is there a story behind it?

There is not much meaning

What was the feeling like opening your very first Chepchikoni eatery in Roysambu?

I was nervous because it was a new journey but I was also excited about the future

Chep Chikoni
File/Courtesy: Chepchikoni makes delectable mushroom and cashew nut fried rice on Kitchen Safari

You were selected to be the host of ‘My Kenyan Plate’ on DSTV. How did that come about and what was the experience like?

The channel and the production lined up a few good content creators and finally selected me. I loved it. It was good to experience a new blessing and a new international forum.

Challenges faced while growing your business as well as your craft

Biggest challenge has been how to manage staff and accounting. Also, training employees. It’s not easy but it is doable. I have had my share of losses but I am one girl who doesn’t give up. We bounce back better than before

Plans for Chepchikoni

Previously, it was 40 branches which is a desire for me but where I stand now, is as the Lord leads. I don’t want to go where His presence isn’t.

Quickfire challenge

A hidden talent many people don’t know you have?

I love car racing and would love to pursue that seriously one day

Favorite dish to cook

Sweet potato mash and baked chicken

Favorite dish to eat

Nile perch and anything with waru

Aside from cooking, any other hobbies?

I swim a lot. I also love to knit and read the Bible. It has made me a woman of virtue in the 2 years I have read it consistently.

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A moment when you messed up a delivery order/in the kitchen?

During those days I cooked in my house, a client had ordered food for the next day. I cooked it a day before because of confusion, so I had to post it on Facebook and people bought it.

One thing about cooking you wish you knew sooner?

That oven-baked chicken is so much better than fried chicken

Are you a Chili fan?

Not so much, why should I set myself on fire? The economy already does that😂

Have you ever encountered a situation where people mispronounced your name?

Let’s just say I would be very poor if I got a coin for every time people pronounced my name correct

Something you would have done differently for Chep Chikoni, given a chance?

PHOTO-Switch TV, Kenya:Chepchikoni poses for a photo holding her cooked food in the Kitchen Safari show.

I would have believed in my skill more from day one and consulted with God more on what moves to make. But anyway, my mistakes have turned into testimonies and lessons. And that is still beautiful.

A letter to your future self?

The future is beautiful

Catch this and more Kitchen Safari episodes every Wednesday at 6 pm, only on Switch TV.


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