Signs your child is spoilt and how to solve it


Even when parents wants to give their child the world, sometimes they are bound to take it too far, causing them to become spoilt and uncontrollable.


For most if not all parents, the happiness and comfort of your child is a number one priority. This is enhanced especially if you as a parent never had it easy growing up. However, in the course of wanting the very best for your child, you may slip, leading the child to become spoilt, and extremely ungrateful.

Here are signs that your child is spoilt and possible solutions:

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  • No’ is not a good answer for them

You will know your child is spoilt if they always want to have their way. He/she constantly asks for things expecting that you do them, failure to which they start throwing a whole tantrum.

Solution: Be unapologetic about saying ‘no. Most kids end up being spoilt because the parents have a hard time saying no, or they feel like it will make them look bad. However, as a parent, understand that you have the right to say no sometimes without being remorseful about it.

  • They want those toys ‘now’

Usually, when demanding things, whether toys, food, or something else, they want them done with immediate effect. This means that whatever it is you were paying attention to previously needs to stop and channel that attention to their needs instead.

Solution: Tell your kids to wait if the things they are asking for do not need as much urgency. They will certainly not die out from a little patience.

File/Courtesy: Teach your child how to be patient when they want things done for them

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  • Constant sulking over petty things

Generally, children sulk over small issues. Spoilt kids, however, take it to a whole new level. They will get mad or pissed if you (the parent) do not focus your energy on them. They want the world to revolve around them; this means that if you even try to get comfortable with another child, it will be a problem.

Solution: Show sternness when your child starts to show such petty tendencies.

  • They are ungrateful

Spoilt kids will never consider courtesy. Words like; please’ or ‘thankyou’ are foreign to them; probably because they have always gotten what they wanted without batting an eyelash.

Solution: Slowly start to teach your kids the importance of appreciating good deeds done to them. Explain why they need to be polite to you as parents and to other people.

File/Courtesy: Showing gratitude as parents will help your kids follow in your foot steps

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  • They do not like sharing

Spoilt kids are not very open to the idea of sharing. They are more inclined to receive than give.

Solution: They will never know why they must share if you do not teach them. You can also praise their small acts of kindness to their friends, classmates, or other kids. This will encourage them to share more often since they know it makes you as the parent (s) proud.


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