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Tips on How to Control Phone Addiction in Teenagers


In this age of advanced technology, with plenty information and easy access to digital devices, studies have it that phone addiction is rampant among teenagers.


The feeling a child gets when they are in a candy or a toy store, is the ecstasy this teenagers exsperience when they have a smartphone.

These growing adults are exposed to the world out there unconventionally, especially through social media.

It has come to restructure a normal teenager’s life. Gone are the days when they got together outside to play. These days, they prefer to stay indoors and scroll their youth away on those gadgets. Before you know it, phone addiction creeps in like a thief in the night.

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How does a parent deduce that his teenage son/daughter is a phone addict?

  • They cannot make any live conversations with others
  • They cannot stand some alone time from their phones. Even a few minutes is a stretch
  • They are excessively into social media feels to the point where it is more of an obsession rather than just enjoyment.
  • They have almost non-existent sleeping routines
Photo/Courtesy: As a parent, you know your child has become a phone addict when they start to develop unhealthy sleeping patterns because of the phone

All is not lost on parents, as they can control their teens’ phone addiction in the following ways:

  • Limit time for phone usage

Set a workable schedule for when your kids can access the phone. Limit even the social media sites they can access so that they do not dive deep into an addiction web they cannot unweave from.

  • Device gadget-free family activities

 Teenagers choose to stick to their phones because they think nothing else is more fun. As parents, prepare some fun activities like indoor board games that they can participate in, to keep them from their phones. This will help in parent-child bonding and keeping the phone addiction at bay.

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  • Educating teenagers on the downsides of social media

With the kind of exposure they have, teens think of social media as a mini-heaven on earth. They are not aware of the dangers that come with internet access. Parents need to talk to their children about cybercrimes, like cyberbullying, online child predators, scammers, and work.

Teach your kids that social media has its bad side as well and that they should practice caution while on their phones

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  • Create free space for conversations

Social media can make teenagers feel insecure or vulnerable. Create a safe space for your kids to communicate their feelings to you. They will easily address their social media fears and insecurities without feeling scared.

Ultimately, parenting in the digital age is not easy. It has seen many parents constantly on their feet concerning technology and children. However, social media is not going anywhere, so teach your kids not to take it too seriously.


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