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If Your Marriage Proposal Is Not Private, I Don’t Want It!


As a man, if you are suffering from an unquenchable thirst for shame and defeat, buy that big ring and draft a ‘sweet’ public marriage proposal.


The eye-opener you as a man get when you are finally at that place where you say dear old Jenny is your potential wife is something else. The fireworks, the butterflies, the jitters, buana.

You start thinking about the stunts you will pull, all the romanza, the flowers, candles, and your entire family, including your shosho hiding behind the sofas as they await your girl’s reactions to the big question.

So much thought was put into it and all for what? For you to make the walk of shame because she said no? and in front of everyone? I know you probably want to talk about the romance in that simple gesture. Not today, James!

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Here is the problem, brother. You may be so obsessed with seeing your girlfriend’s face when you show her the surprise that you forget t is a risky move, especially for you. As a man, you should know better than to propose in public. ‘If it is not in private, I don’t want it!’ Many women do not like it.

File/Courtesy: A lot of women do not appreciate public proposals; the chances of saying no are very high

Of course, the public proposals are beautiful…in pictures. Spare yourself all the shenanigans. A simple meal at home will suffice. Or, if you still want the whole shebang, (beats me why you would) organize a private dinner at her favorite spot. Eat, drink, make merry, enjoy the evening breeze, and then you can ask the dangerous question.

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By the gods, do not involve the public. They could care less. If anything, they are waiting for her to say no and because she will, you become the latest trending meme on everyone’s timeline. Let us not even get into that awkward scenario where you face your family after a rejection hit your face. How do you even?

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If it is something you can live with, then the hell with societal expectations James. However, if your heart is fragile, stick to simplicity.  There is no need to set too high expectations and get an overwhelming ‘no’ and a string of apologies to accompany it.


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