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Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o suspends demonstrations in Kisumu


The Governor of Kisumu county Anyang Nyong’o has suspended the demonstrations against high cost of living in Kisumu. Through a released statement he has informed Kisumu protesters to join the other protestors in Nairobi to protest against high cost of living.


They have suspended the demonstration in Kisumu indefinitely he encouraged people to do the demonstrations peacefully adhering to the law and to work well with the police officers and law enforcement officials.

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“However, after detailed consultation with the Azimio national leadership and the county Executive committee (the cabinet) I wish to make the following announcements.

Governoor Anyang’ Nyong’o File/COURTESY
  1. That all public demonstrations within Kisumu county have from Today been suspended indefinitely so that we can join the demonstrations in Nairobi.
  2. THAT The people of Kisumu remain committed to the aspirations of Azimio La Umoja and its campaign for a better Kenya.
  3. Finally, I would like to appeal to the people of Kisumu to work in tandem with the law enforcement officers to maintain peace and security in our country.” The statement read.

In retaliation the Governor of Nairobi Sakaja Johnson has forbidden protest in Nairobi. He justifies his statement by saying that the people of Nairobi county have dealt with the aftermath of the protest that took place on the last two consecutive Mondays.

Governor Sakaja Johnson File/COURTESY

Governor Sakaja says that Nairobi will not be the capital of demonstrations and that what Governor Nyong’o is planning is unacceptable.

“The Governor of Kisumu’s idea that he can export his demonstrations to Nairobi and make our county the capital of demonstrations and associated mayhem is preposterous and totally unacceptable.

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In the spirit of devolution, I would advice the Governor of Kisumu, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o to keep his demonstrations to his county. It has been decided that further protests and demonstrations shall similarly no longer take place in any part of the city.” Governor Sakaja said.

Nevertheless, it is by law that governors have no power to ban or suspend protests and demonstrations in a particular area the power is of the Cabinet secretary of the interior ministry according to Article 37 of the constitution.

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