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Journalists face attacks from protestors on Monday’s demos


Several journalists from various Media Houses were attacked and some of them were arrested while covering Azimio’s Maandamano on Monday.


Several journalists from different Media houses were attacked on Monday, March 27, while covering the Azimio mass demonstrations by rowdy protestors. Most of the attacks took place in Kibra, Nairobi County where goons threw stones at journalists while stealing their property.

One member of the Citizen TV crew suffered the wrath of the unrelenting protestors, who stole his phone and inflicted several injuries on him. An international Media house reporter who was at the time with the Citizen TV crew was also caught up in the clashes. The goons also vandalized the Citizen TV car. Citizen’s senior political reporter Seth Olale took to his Twitter account to confirm the vandalism and attacks.

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Within the CBD, a Nation Media reporter raised complaints of being harassed by the police while taking pictures of the demonstrations. According to Nation, the journalist was asked to delete the pictures, and their Media press cards were destroyed.

In related news, several journalists covering the loot done in Northlands farm in Kamakis, along the Eastern Bypass were also subject to protestors’ brutality.

Nation Media crime reporter Steve Otieno was roughed up by the armed group looting the farm. In a bid to stop him from filming the loot, the group tore Steve’s clothes and stole his mobile phone.

File/Courtesy: Protestors loot sheep from Northlands farm belonging to Rtd President Kenyatta

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Several stakeholders in the Media profession have come out to strongly condemn the violence against journalists by the Azimio protesters. John Allan Namu of Africa Uncensored has condemned police brutality on journalists after two of the Media house’s reporters were arrested by the police while covering the protests in the Mathare area of Nairobi.

The Media Council of Kenya, the Editor’s Guild, as well as AMWIK, have also shown disapproval of the attacks against journalists.  The head of the Editor’s Guild Churchill Otieno stated the attacks, pointing out that the increased brutality against journalists was worrying.

“These attacks against journalists amount to assault against constitutional guarantees of media freedom, perpetrated by the presumed guardians of law and order,” Otieno Said

Similarly, the CEO of the Media Council of Kenya David Omwoyo said that they do not take lightly police and goons’ brutality executed on members of the press.

File/Courtesy: Churchill Otieno, (left) Editor’s Guild CEO and David Omwoyo, (right) Media Council of Kenya CEO

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“Police officers attacking journalists undermines press freedom, limits the public’s access to information, violates human rights, and can cause physical or psychological harm.

“It is essential that journalists can carry out their work without fear of violence or harassment, and that law enforcement agencies are held accountable for any actions that violate their rights or impede their ability to report on events,” Davida said

Omwoyo stated that the council would ensure to take the necessary measures against all those found responsible for journalists’ attacks.


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