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Tanasha Donna unfollows Diana Marua after releasing her new diss track

Tanasha donna

Kenyan model and entrepreneur Tanasha Donna has unfollowed content creator Diana Marua on Instagram. This was after Diana Marua released her new track single “Narudi Soko.” The new single disses various celebrities across Tanzania and Kenya.


Diana Marua dissed Tanasha Donna about her failed relationship with Diamond. After Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha broke up Diamond Platnumz took back his car.

Diana Marua teased Tanasha Donna for that and she did not take it lightly. Netizens then realized that the model unfollowed Diana.

Tanasha Donna
Diana Marua File/COURTESY

“Tanasha Dona hukuweka sukari, ukanyang’anywa Prado daaah (unarudi soko). Na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu mkidhani Nasibu (atarudi soko).” Diana Marua sang.

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Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna broke up in the year 2022 and the Tanzanian Bongo sensation was quick to move on with Zuchu. However, Zuchu and Diamond also broke up.

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Celebrities who are included in the song are Bongo star Diamond US-based content creator Andrew Kibe, Amira, and Jimal Rohosafi.
“Amber Ray akanotice ulafi, akatoka Jamal roho safi (akarudi soko). Naye Jamal akarudia mama kumaliza lawama, kumbe (alirudi soko).” Diana Marua sang.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna File/COURTESY

In the song, Diana Marua calls out Andrew Kibe for insulting people and he himself is poor. He later told him that he will die in the ghetto.
“Andrew Kibe unatusi watu na wee ni maskini (utakufa ghetto).”Diana Marua sings.

Some netizens expressed that Tanasha Donna was being petty and that the song is to be taken lightly. Some netizens defended Tanasha Donna by saying that it is wrong to profit from people’s misfortune.

They argued that Tanasha has moved on with her life and that her past should simply remain in the past.

Other netizens criticized Diana Marua’s musical skills advising her to just stick to the lane of content creation and leave the singing to her husband Bahati.

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