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Chebet Ronoh opens up about her depression battle and substance abuse

Chebet Ronoh

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh has boldly decided to open up about her struggles with suicidal thoughts and substance abuse.


This came after she exposed and called out different social media content creators and influencers for copying her content. Through a video shared on social media, Rono revealed to netizens that she has started going to therapy as a result.

The TikTok star revealed that the therapist had to fix her brain as only a few people are able to make her view the world differently. She shared with her fans and followers what she learned from her therapy session.

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“I never really know what to say when asked this question. Where would I start? ‘Would you like to know about when they started bullying me in class four?’ I had to open up and tell him that I had this consistent need to die no matter how good my life is or how balanced I am.

“There is just this one creeping thought of ‘I don’t want to be here like at all’. They get louder every time there is a minor inconvenience or when I make a mistake. Am too scared to do it though but in the right conditions…” Chebet Ronoh said.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh File/COURTESY

Ronoh also touched on Suicidal thoughts. When her therapist asked her about the benefits that come with her dying, her first thought was that it will end the suffering. However, her therapist clarified that her death will only bring more suffering.

“Then he says to me ‘If you succeed in this killing yourself or you die, what does that solve?’ I’m like yes, probably my family members will feel bad but as for me, my ending my suffering stops,

“I don’t have to feel, you know….He says, ‘there is no suffering that stops, it only continues.” Ronoh says with tears in her eyes.

Chebet Ronoh acknowledged the therapist’s good work and commended him for it. Her therapist advised her to stop pressuring herself at a young age.

He also clarified that she is not worthless and that everybody sins. She was advised to embrace all human experiences regardless of what she is been through or what she has done.

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