TikToker Kare Maina lands job with Sonko after her detailed analysis of Jeff Mwathi’s death (video)


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has offered TikToker Kare Maina a job at his private firm in response to her trending video analyzing Jeff Mwathi’s death.


If you haven’t seen the video yet, the digital content creator shows a notebook in which she has detailed all of the information that has been shared online up to this point.

She goes on to dissect the timelines and statements made, claiming that “the math is not mathing.”

The video has 1.3 million views, 85.2 thousand likes, 3800 comments, and has been shared over 3500 times.

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Even with all of the details written down, the young lady maintains that there are many gaps in the puzzle. Kare captioned the video, “more questions than answers…”, joining the online outpouring of support for the young interior designer who died mysteriously.

Sonko praised Maina for her CIA-like skills in piecing together the last moments of the 23-year-old who died under mysterious circumstances while at the apartment of popular Kikuyu artiste DJ Fatxo.

Sonko praised the TikToker’s detailed analysis, which rivalled the DCI’s, and offered her a job at his private investigations firm.

Kare Maina Tiktoker
Tiktoker Kare Maina

“This lady mnoma sana kwa investigations nitamchukua kwa my private investigation firm,” Sonko commented.

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And, according to the comments section, the politician was not the only one pleased with Kare’s analysis and scrutiny in attempting to find answers to this case that baffled many.

Netizens were equally impressed with her detailed examination of witness testimonies and her deep analysis of the timeline before Jeff Mwathi’s death was reported, prompting netizens to call on the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to hire her.

The young man was said to have committed suicide, but his family denies this. Jeff Mwathi was laid to rest on March 7th.

Jeff allegedly jumped to his death on February 22 after a night out.

Jeff, Fatxo, and others were seen out and about before heading to the Kikuyu DJ’s house. CCTV footage shows two men exiting the apartment in the early hours of the morning and walking to the parking lot, where they appear to be looking around.

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One of the men, who was allegedly the DJ’s cousin, was also seen making a phone call before Jeff fell from the window. His body was discovered with his trousers past his knees.


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