‘Mtu Kazi’ Mandonga to Face Wanyonyi in March Rematch


Tanzanian Mandonga and Wanyonyi from Kenya are clearly bringing showbiz back to East African boxing. Their rematch has been set for March


Mandonga defeated Wanyonyi last month in a well-attended bout at the KICC, in Nairobi. Wanyonyi has clearly been given the chance to redeem himself as he faces the outspoken Tanzanian boxer, commonly known as ‘Mtu Kazi’.

The much-awaited rematch has been set for 18th March at the Tsavo Ballroom, in KICC Nairobi. Reuben Ndolo, the president of the Kenya Professional Boxing Commission (KPBC), revealed that they had scheduled a brief rematch between Mandonga and Wanyonyi, “Wanyonyi has been training hard and this is his chance to prove himself as a top boxer. Rayton “Boom Boom” Okwiri, Fatuma Zarika, and UAE-based Nick “Makaveli” Mwangi are also set to take to the ring pending agreements with the promoter and their managers.”

Mandonga was scheduled to compete against the well-known “King Kong,” Kenyan boxer Raymond Ochieng, who is based in the US, but because they are competing in separate weight classes, Mandonga must first shed around 15 kg.

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