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Maragua MP holds Meeting over Ugali and Sukuma Wiki Feast


Maragua MP Mary Wa Maua has found an unconventional way of soliciting her constituents to gather together over a meal of Ugali and Sukuma wiki.


The MP led the residents of Gathaithi and Mihang’o in preparing the ugali and Sukuma wiki for the public meeting on February 4, after which she led the residents in opening a road that connects the two villages.

As her constituents sit and feast together, Mary takes that as her cue to put across all her agendas to them. While at it, she also invites some of the guests who accompanied her to speak as well.

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“These Mashinani (grassroots) interactions with the people are providing an opportunity to speak on vices such as alcohol and drug abuse, the general social issues affecting the society as well as parenting,” the MP said.

The constituents have taken a liking to their MP’s approach to holding public meetings, with some acknowledging that the meals come in handy, especially during these tough economic times.

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“We love this new method of interacting with our leaders…The best way to a person’s soul is through the stomach…with the cost of living hitting the roof, she is doing us greatly by making us grab a meal during her meetings,” said Simon, one of the attendees of the February 4 public meeting.

Mary Wa Maua, Member of parliament; Maragua constituency

According to the MP, she came up with the cookout after she instigated a study to identify the best ways she could use to interact with people and address their problems.

“The people ventilated different agendas touching on roads, electricity, water, security, markets, boundary reviews, alcoholism, and a need for a health centre in the area,” said Mary.

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Mary believes that when people get together to talk over a meal, there is a lot that can happen.

 “The reason why I have resolved to have grassroots-based leadership is to listen to the needs of the people and offer amicable solutions”.


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