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Kisumu Residents in Shock Over Lodging Infested with Bedbugs


Residents of Kisumu County are in a state of shock after one of the famous lodgings, Yurop was found to have an alarming infestation of bedbugs and rats.


Guests who seek the comfort and pleasures the famous lodge has to offer are crying for help due to the not-so-blissful nights they endure while on stay there. The high bedbug infestation has put the Kisumu County government on high alert and is now threatening to shut down all lodgings, guest houses, and hotels if they fail to contain the situation.

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As per the notice dated January 27, 2023, issued by the Kisumu County Department of Public Health, the owners of the premises have until Friday this week to put their house in order or risk legal action or possible closure.

“The city department of Public Health conducted a rapid assessment and found that there is an increase of mosquitoes, bed bugs, and high infestation of rats and other insect vectors in most of the hotels, guest houses, lodging rooms, and other dwelling areas within the city of Kisumu,” Kisumu City Manager, Abala Wanga, told Nation.

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According to Wanga, after heavy inspection, the public health department found out that most of the premises, including one of Kisumu’s 5-star hotels in the CBD, guest houses around Garissa lodge, Downtown Kamas, and Kondele area had the most infestation of bedbugs and mosquitoes.

Kisumu City County

Wanga said the owners of these chill spots have until February 9 to salvage the situation and prevent chances of reoccurrence, failure to which will lead to a total shutdown.

“Failure to comply with the requirements of this notice may lead to legal action instituted against you without any further communications,” said Wanga.

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Several similar complaints have also emerged from the public service transport operating in the town, as well as long-distance matatus. Other areas affected include boarding schools and houses.

The premises’ owners have been ordered to conduct an appropriate rodent clean-up with the approved public health poisons.


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