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Kamene Goro Reveals Her Next Move After Leaving Kiss


Ex-Kiss FM presenter, Kamene Goro, has hinted at her next move when she asked her followers to guess the good news.


Many assumed the news was about her personal life, but instead, the popular media personality who left Kiss FM in January announced her intention to enter the YouTube space and launch her channel as a content creator dubbed ‘The Real Kamene Goro’.

Her new channel’s announcement follows a recent incident in which an imposter created a fake YouTube account in her name.

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By the time Kamene Goro exposed the impersonation, the account had over 21,000 subscribers. She warned her Instagram followers about the fake account and promised to keep them updated on her official platforms and channel.

Kamene Goro

“My Loves, this is not my YouTube channel, this impersonator has been blatantly plagiarizing my content and impersonating me. Please stay woke, this is not me. I’ll be letting you know about my official platforms and channel soon,” she said.

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After leaving their positions in media outlets, several famous Kenyan media personalities have started their own YouTube shows.

One of the primary reasons is that YouTube provides a more adaptable and personalized platform for media personalities to connect with their audiences.

They can create content tailored specifically to their interests and interact with their fans more intimately and interactively.

Kamene Goro

The platform also allows them to monetize their content through advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, making it a more appealing option for those looking to expand their brand and revenue streams.

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The former Kiss FM morning show host addressed rumours about her departure from the radio station in a recent interview.

She dispelled rumours that she had been fired by explaining that her contract had expired and she had chosen not to renew it.

Kamene also shared her thoughts on Sheila Kwamboka, who will be taking over as the morning show host. Kamene recognized Kwamboka’s background and praised her as a capable replacement.


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