Kamene Goro Reveals she is being Impersonated on YouTube

Famous radio presenter of the morning show Kiss Breakfast, Kamene Goro, has exposed a YouTube account that is impersonating her.

Kamene warned her followers and fans through Instagram that she is not the one running the YouTube channel and someone else is masquerading as her.
The YouTube channel has content and it currently has over 20k subscribers.

Kamene said that the impersonator has constantly been plagiarizing her content. She warned her fans to be aware of such people.

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Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro File/COURTESY

Kamene also said that the impersonator was being unfair for they are using her hard work to benefit their own needs.

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“My Loves, this is not my YouTube channel, this impersonator has been blatantly plagiarising my content and impersonating me. Please stay woke, this is not me. And to the person using me like this, ngoja tu! This is extremely unfair, I do all the work and you come out of nowhere to use it for your benefit! Ushindwe!” Kamene Goro posted.

Kamene Goro also promised her fans that she will be starting her own YouTube channel and she will let her fans know her official platforms and channels soon.
“I’ll be letting you know about my official platforms and channel soon.” Kamene Goro posted.
Impersonating is punishable by the laws of Kenya. If one is found guilty of impersonating someone they may be sentenced to 3 years Under section 382(1) of the Penal Code that says any person who, with intent to defraud any person, falsely represents himself to be some other person, living or dead, is guilty of a misdemeanour.

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