Joefes Quits Music following the Death of his Father

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Mbuzi Gang member Joseph Nyamweya, better known by his stage name Joefes, is in mourning following the death of his father.


According to information shared on the group’s Instagram page, Joefes’ father died after a brief illness.

“It is with deep regret and sorrow for Joefes, one-third of Mbuzi Gang who lost his beloved father after a short illness,” read the message.

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The group is now seeking financial assistance to assist one of its members in burying his father.

“We are seeking your help on this matter and we are hoping that you can help us in this time of need,” the message further read.

Joefes shared the news, saying he was devastated by the death of his father, who was his inspiration for doing music.


“I really wanted to please my dad and he is gone, me making music doesn’t make sense anymore. I quit,” Joefes announced on Instagram.

Joefes is one of the few artists who can talk about having a DJ for a father.

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Mbuzi Gang set itself apart from their Gengetone counterparts by avoiding explicit content in its lyrics and music videos. They do, however, appreciate other artists who release explicit content.

‘Three Wise Goats,’ the group’s first official album, was released in January 2022.

Kashkeed and Vic West produced the project, which has 12 tracks and is only available through Black Market Records.

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In an April 2021 interview on Pulse Celeb 254, the group shed the ‘Gengetone rappers’ moniker, preferring to describe their genre as ‘bangers’.


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