Is Famous Host Kush Tracey Making a Comeback on the Screens?


Former Chat Spot host Kush Tracey hints at a possible comeback on the screens after she announced her plans to take her food vlog, ‘KT Cooks’ to the next level.


Kush took to her Instagram to show her excitement for the big plans she has for her food vlog:

#KTCOOKS 👩🏾‍🍳to the next level🤗can’t wait to officially announce this one🚨Subscribe to my YouTube channel for this link on my bio👆🏾🔝”

In one of her YouTube Videos, she also posted a video with the caption, “Going back to Switch, yay or nay?” This post solicited a lot of positive reactions from her fans, with some claiming that they missed her vibe and aura on screen.

Kush has been dominating the culinary vlog sector with her savoury dishes. She has been doing food vlogging for quite some time now, and after she officially left Switch TV’s famous talk show Chatspot, she ventured into food vlogging full-time.

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Kush is not only the founder and pioneer of KT cooks but also the founder of the Kush Tracey initiative, a movement that seeks to spread love and hope to all people through donations and other charitable courses.

Kush has dedicated her life to uplifting and inspiring the youth, dedicating herself to imparting wisdom and guidance to high school and university students. She passionately works to address the complex and pressing issues that young people face, including mental health, addiction, and harmful sexual behaviour.

Kush Tracey makes a comeback on Switch TV

Kush is a proud member of Heroes of the Nation, an organization with the purpose to guide young individuals towards self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Her tireless efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of the next generation are a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating a better world.

The celebrity is known for making hit songs since she officially kickstarted her music career in 2015. Her most popular songs include ‘huwezi nidandia’, ‘kamote’, ‘manzi wa mtaa’, ‘niko fiti’ and many more. She would later change her musical route to Gospel after giving her life to Christ. She shares content related to the gospel and recharging on her YouTube channel.

Kush solicited numbers after her debut on Chat Spot, as a host alongside Nana Owiti, Joyce Maina, and Mary Mwikali. She is also an entrepreneur having started her clothing line KT Wear.


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