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Harmonize Wants to Remain Happily Single After Enough Heartbreak


Bongo artist Harmonize has revealed that he will be enjoying single life before moving on to another relationship after breaking up with Kajala.


Harmonize claims that many women have expressed their interest in him, with one of his admirers even going as far as tattooing his face on her body.

However, Harmonize has made it clear that he is not looking for a relationship currently.

The Bongo lyricist says that he does not trust women and is tired of lies. Posting a picture of his face as a tattoo on someone’s body in his Instagram stories he thanked the girl but rejected her politely.

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“There are girls who love me dead. It’s just for me trusting anyone again,, Oh God, I wanna be single forever. I can’t take lies any more. Thank you for this, my dear. God bless you baby girl but hey, I am single,” Harmonize said.

Harmonize revealed that he falls in love easily and that many girls are trying to make him fall in love though his heart is cold and he is not ready for a relationship, as he is healing from the previous relationships that caused him heartbreak.

Harmonize File/COURTESY

He hopes that he does not stay like this forever and that one day he will be able to accept someone’s daughter as a significant other.

“A lot of beautiful girls have been trying to make me fall in Love again because they know for sure I got a soft heart, that when I give I give for Real! I can be a Friend, A Husband, A Provider, and the best Father. I do appreciate the Love being shown to me. But you know what… My Heart is Cold as F**k! But I hope this is not going to be forever. Pray for me so that one day my heart can accept someone’s daughter.” Harmonize wrote.

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