P Diddy Denies Throwing Shade on Burna Boy After Not Winning a Grammy

P diddy

Sean “Diddy” Combs, the founder of Bad Boy Records, has denied reports that he allegedly took a swipe at Burna Boy after going home empty-handed at the recently concluded Grammy awards.


The rapper has the internet buzzing after he allegedly slammed Nigerian artist Burna Boy for failing to walk away with any awards at the recently concluded Grammy Awards.

Diddy however later resurfaced and tweeted: “This is Fake”, which sparked a heated debate with some fans claiming they did see the deleted post by the Bad Boy Records founder.

Burna was nominated for Best Global Music Album at the Grammy Awards but lost to Masa Takumi, with Diddy supposedly laying claim to Burna Boy’s success after picking up a Grammy

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“I helped you win your first and only Grammy award which I did out of my kindness, and somehow you thought you could win another one without my help? Oh okay ” Diddy deleted Instagram stories captured by On-Site read.

Diddy was the co-executive producer for Burna’s 2020 album “Twice as Tall” which won Best Global Music Album after its hip-hop flavour helped him achieve a more appealing beat to his American audience.

P. Diddy
P Diddy

Diddy served as co-executive producer for Burna’s 2020 album “Twice as Tall” three years ago… where he helped add hip-hop flavor to his music, allowing the Nigerian star to warm up to North American audiences.

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The following year, they not only won Best Global Music Album but also topped the Billboard US World Albums chart.

Diddy’s description of the project paints it as something he worked on out of boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic. He and Burna didn’t even meet in person until the album came out!!!

Burna has now lost a coveted award for the second time.

He lost the Song of the Summer Award, for which his song “Last Last” was nominated, 5 months ago at the VMAs.

Burna couldn’t hide his rage as he mocked the award ceremony and their winner selection on his TikTok page.

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The artist shared a video of an incredibly huge crowd at a parade turning up while jamming to his hit song “Last Last” loudly.

“When #MTV Says Jack Harlow Had The Song of the Summer [yawn emoji],” he captioned the video.

“Wow, so many heartbroken people #LastLast #SongoftheSummer.”


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