Chinese President Outlines Efforts to Developmental Pattern

Chinese President Xi Jinping has emphasized the need to accelerate the forming of a new development pattern and enhance development safety and re-activeness.


Xi Jinping made the remarks during Tuesday’s second group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, stressing the need to expand domestic demand in a coordinated way.


He said China will improve and expand investment mechanisms, expand the space for effective investment, push forward the deployment of advanced infrastructure projects at an appropriate pace, increase investment in high-tech industries and emerging industries with strategic importance, and continue to stimulate the vitality of private investment.

He said China will continue to deepen the supply side’s structural reform and promotes scientific and institutional innovation.

Chinese President Outlines Efforts to Accelerate Developmental Pattern.
PHOTO/COURTESY:Chinese President Xi Jinping Outlines Efforts to Accelerate Developmental Pattern.

Breakthrough bottlenecks, overcome weaknesses and enhance industrial and supply chain competitiveness and safety. Meet existing demand with independent, controllable, and high-quality supply, and create and guide new demand.

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Xi pointed out that coordinated development between urban and rural areas and between regions should be promoted to increase the coverage of domestic circulation. We should give a full play to rural areas as a consumer market and factors market and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.

Chinese President Outlines Efforts to Accelerate Developmental Pattern.
PHOTO/COURTESY: The Chinese Seaport.

“We should also promote urbanization with county towns as a pivot, promote integrated urban and rural development, strengthen economic ties between urban and rural areas, and smooth economic circulation between urban and rural areas” said Xi Jinping.


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