Zuchu’s Mother Doesn’t Recognize Diamond as her son-in-law

Diamond and Zuchu

Khadija Omar Abdallah Kopa, Zuchu’s mother, has revealed that her daughter is single, despite reports that she is dating her boss Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview with Mbego TV, Khadija Kopa stated that her daughter had yet to formally introduce her to anyone and that she was expecting any man, not just Diamond.

“Zuhra is a woman, if any man happens to want her hand in marriage and who she is ready to marry not just Diamond, then I have no issue, after all, I want a son-in-law,” Kopa remarked.

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The legendary Taaarab singer also denied reports of a secret wedding between Zuchu and Diamond.

“This is news to me. It is not true, my daughter is not married nor has she introduced anyone to me for marriage,” Mama Zuchu added.

However, Khadija Kopa’s feelings differed from those of Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote, who approached her son’s relationship with Zuchu differently.

Diamond and Zuchu

This was evident during Zuchu’s birthday, when she sent her birthday greetings, referring to her as her daughter-in-law.

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“I wish you a long life filled with blessings daughter-in-law Zuhura Othman Soud,” Mama Dangote said.

The sentiments were mostly about what the ‘Kwi Kwi’ singer and her boss have in common, confirming an earlier video in which Zuchu stated that Diamond is her boyfriend.

Aside from romantic moments captured on camera, the two lavish each other with expensive gifts and even travel abroad together.

Zuchu gave Diamond Sh1.5 million customized chain in October 2022. Zuchu also gave Diamond sneakers worth Sh72,411 before the chain.

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Diamond returned Zuchu’s kindness by giving her a pair of grills for her teeth.

The two Tanzanian stars have frequently given contradictory answers about their relationship status, leaving many to speculate.

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