Tony Kiamah warns men about being Polygamous

Tony Kimah

River of God Preacher Reverend Tony Kiamah tells men that polygamy only brings trouble to the family after the husband has passed away.


Reverend Tony Kimah defends his statement by saying that women are not created to share hence polygamy will cause various issues in the future.

Reverend Tony Kiamah also said that he has never witnessed a peaceful polygamous family after the man of the house is dead. According to him, things go south and the devil prospers in such dilemmas. He compared the act of polygamy to walking in the shop and bringing trouble into your home.

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“This rubbish of marrying more than one wife. I’m telling you the truth. You marry more than one wife that is the same as walking into a shop and buying trouble, and bringing it home, I have seen that every time a man marries more than one wife and the husband dies, things go south. Shetani anatawala. Reverend Tony Kiamah said.

Tony Kiamah
Reverebt Tony Kiamah File/COURTESY.

He continued to encourage men to be content and satisfied with one wife rather than leave issues behind when he passed away.

“Tosheka na huyo bibi yako mmoja cause that is trouble no matter how much money you have. It will never be enough for more than one wife since women are not created to share. Vumilia na utosheke na huyo mmoja. Every time you bring another one, that is a packaged trouble whether.” Reverent Tony Kiamah added.

Some people agreed with him saying that they have seen problems in polygamous relationships after the man of the house departs.
“When I went to a burial tukangonja mwili mpaka 4 pm only to be told the other wife stole it. I decided never to try that nonsense. Tulizika mgomba”. Ishmael Ndegwa wrote.

Some disagreed with his statement advising Reverent Tony Kimah To stick to preaching the word of God because some of the believers are in polygamous families.

“I am not an advocate of polygamy but most of us are beneficiaries. I am a woman so I will talk to women. Pray and fast for your marriages. Mmmmh that man is very important whether you are sharing or “NOT” Asanteni. Bishop prays and heals our souls. Hii mambo ingine approach it cautiously because hao waumini wengine mama zao ni third wives.” Carolyne Buyela wrote.

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