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Signs that show it’s time to move out of your parent’s home

Move out

You haven’t stayed at your parents’ home long enough if the family does not ask you a million questions about when you plan to move out.


Living with parents is very interesting. As a young adult, every day you go home, you are assured that you will eat, drink and have a roof over your head. Life is easier when you are at home. College kids can agree.

However, there comes a time when the need to move out is intense. If the pressure is not coming from relatives, (who think you have no ambition because you are still banking in your mom’s condo at 25), it will come from your very own parents.

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Here are signs that scream it’s time to go:

  1. Privacy?  But this is my house

If your home is where people just barge into your room because you are family and have no secrets to hide, please move out. Parents can be endearing. They will feel entitled because it is their house. So, if you want to make the rules, get your place. Otherwise, all you can do is hold your peace.

  • Toxic parents

Many people have strained relationships with their parents. It is okay for you to cut ties and move out. There is no point in staying at a place that does not guarantee you of your peace of mind.

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  • If your bank account can handle it

After you have achieved financial stability and independence, there is no need for you to stay at your parents’ home for much longer. Many people are still under the shackles of their parents because they do not have the resources to get away. So, if you do, do not fumble.

Move out
If you are financially stable, there should be nothing stopping you from moving out of your parent’s home
  • Your parents keep dropping hints

Even parents would like the house entirely to themselves once in a while. So, your mom starts dropping hints about how it would be nice for you to stay alone, or maybe your dad suggests you two start looking at rentals in the neighborhood. Son, pick those cues as it’s time to go.

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  • Your age is way past your mother’s house

Generally, age should not be a deterring factor for you to stay at your parent’s house. However, you have to be practical. There is no way that your mom will allow you to be living with her when you are 30 years. So, start getting ready to pack and go Jenny. That house is your mother’s not yours.


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