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Rose Muhando Exposes Joowzey for Producing a Bad-quality Video


Renowned gospel singer Rose Muhando lamented in explosive audio after director Joowzey produced a bad-quality music video for her.


Rose Muhando is pained because she gave Director Joowzey her hard-earned money in order to produce a good video however, Director Joowzey did a job that left something to be desired.

Muhando said that the video is blurred and dark to the extent the people in the video are not visible. Rose Muhando also emphasized that they took two months to shoot the video, however, the video was not of good quality and it pained her. Rose Muhando said that a video recorded by phone is better than the video director Joowzey produced.

Rose Muhando goes on to say that she had done nothing wrong to deserve such treatment. The ‘Nibebe’ hitmaker claimed that Joowzey did this in order to please her enemies who want her downfall.

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Rose Muhando claims that the producer always sees gospel singers as dumb resulting in such treatment. Rose Muhando continues to say that the way Joowzey has done with the video is the same way God will deal with his career and he must pay for what he has done.

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando File/COURTESY

“Mungu hata hatakuwacha salama ulionitendea nimekulipa mpaka centi yangu ya mwisho Mungu ana jua ile dhambi ulionitendea Hii dhambi haitakuwacha salama nyinyi mnatuchukulia watu wa gospel kama watu wajinga wajinga. Hii dhambi mtaifanya mpaka lini Joowzey? Kisasi mungu lazima akulipe lazima mungu akulipe umefanya makusudi. Nasema kama ulivyo haribu hii kazi ya mungu ndio mungu ataharibu ya kwako mungu hatakuwacha salama” Rose Muhando cautioned the director.

Rose Muhando also revealed that Joowzey praised them for a beautiful son and promised to make a good video for them however, he failed to meet his end of the bargain.

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