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Primary Schools to Get New Names Under Education Ministry Guidelines

Primary schools to get new names under the outlined guidelines, the Ministry of Education has announced through a statement as far as education is concerned.


The revision of primary schools’ names in the country as the implementation of Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) takes new formulated chapter.

Primary schools to get new names, CS Machogu said.
FILE PHOTO: Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu during a past press briefing.

Under the newly outlined guidelines, the ministry of education says comprehensive schools with both primary and junior secondaries shall adopt the name of the primary school in which they are accommodated.

It means the school will now include Junior Secondary School for the educational process at its premises.

“For the clarity of the Bank accounts details, the Primary School and Junior Secondary Schools will have different Bank Accounts,” the ministry of education said.

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Further, the Junior Secondary Schools leadership has been tasked with determining the uniform attire for their schools in consultation with their respective stakeholders.

a primary school pupil
PHOTO/COURTESY: A Pupil pose for the photo holding books outside the class.

Education ministry however warned school heads against directing parents to specific uniform store outlets for the purchase.

“At a minimum, one pair of uniforms is recommended per learner. The uniform shall be the responsibility of parents and no school shall direct parents where to purchase the uniform,” said the Ministry.

“No Junior Secondary School learners will be excluded for failure to afford a school uniform and the uniform shall be sensitive to the cultural and religious values of the respective communities. Special consideration shall be made in a viewpoint of different climatic conditions,” the Ministry added.

Junior Secondary Schools students will be taking 12 core subjects and one or two optional subjects. The core subjects are English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Health Education, Pre-technical and Pre-career education, Social Studies, Religious Education [CRE, IRE or HRE], Business Studies, Agriculture, Life skills, Sports, and Physical Education.

The optional subjects comprise Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Home Science, Computer Science, Foreign Languages [German, French, or Mandarin] Arabic, Kenyan Sign Language, and Indigenous Language.

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Learners at the Pre-Vocational level will be assessed in 9 subjects; Communication, Social, and Literacy Skills; Daily Living Skills; Mathematics Activities; Music and Movement; Religious Education; Christian Religious Education; Hindu Religious Education; Islamic Religious Education; Physical and Health Education; Hygiene, Nutrition, and Safety; Environmental Activities, and Social Studies.

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Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu previously said that students transitioning to Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) will not be required to pay any school fees as the government has already put aside Ksh 15,000 for each of the over 1 million Grade 6 pupils who sat their KPSEA exams in November last year.

Pupils during class session.
PHOTO/COURTESY: Pupils during class session.

In a statement, CS Machogu said that only schools with boarding wings will be allowed to charge fees.


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