Kenyan University Students are greatly affected by Mental Stress   


University students report higher levels of mental stress than their non-student peers, and more students confess to mental problems than ever before.

Mental stress is a type of stress that occurs due to how people perceive events in their external or internal surroundings, resulting in psychological distress and worry.

University students are recording severe depressive symptoms/ COURTESY

Mental stress impacts our emotions, thinking, and behavior. It can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors that may be adversely subjective to the individual.

Kenyan University students struggle with this stress, and we have created an environment where such a concern is stigmatized. Persistent mental stress builds up a mental disease, leading to a tragic life outcome.

Things like study and work challenges, relationship issues, homesickness and loneliness, financial concerns, and bullying easily cause mental stress. 

University student’s act as suitable prey for mental stress, and many fail to find a way of solving this problem; hence they get to the point of inflicting pain on themselves.

Students need regular elementary counseling as a course as well as a traditional campus activity.

Institutions should invest a lot in counseling departments and make those offices fully functional with professional counselors.

Mental stress easily arises from financial instability, especially in public universities, which are virtually made up of poor students.

To handle this, universities can come up with regular kits that are easily accessible, which can help sustain poor students. Students should develop friendships with real confidants and avoid social relations which damage their well-being.

We must create an environment where learners easily share their mental state with professionals without stigmatization or fear.  

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