‘Mwalimu Yesu’ a Man who Claims to be Jesus

Mwalimu Yesu

Mwalimu Yesu wa Thangole, a man from Bungoma, has attracted a huge following of believers who claim that he is Jesus Christ who performs miracles.

The man who leads a church in Bungoma claimed that God gave him the name before instructing him to preach the gospel.

In late December 2022, in an interview with the media, the man detailed his mission to spread the word of God not only in Kenya but across the globe.

Mwalimu Yesu
Mwalimu Yesu church in bungoma

“I am Jesus Christ. Many ask if I am the real Christ, and I affirm to them that I am,” he claimed.

“Jesus is not for one country, but he is for the whole world,” he added.
Mwalimu Yesu is surrounded by 12 disciples, just like Jesus in the Bible. However, his disciples mimic the descendants of Jacob from Rueben to Benjamin.

One of the disciples, Naftar, allegedly had a vision in 2017 from God who told him visitors will come from Rwanda. According to the disciple, the visitation will be proof of Jesus living amongst them.

Naftar, who joined the church in 2014, added that God instructed him on how to dress when the visitors arrive, how they would arrive in their vehicles, and what to feed them.

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During his private sessions with his disciples, Mwalimu Yesu reads from the scripture while the disciples kneel, worshipping him. His disciples wear similar robes that cover their heads to their toes.

Mwalimu Yesu attends two churches, his congregants go from one church to the next. As the churches are made of temporary (mud) and concrete materials, respectively. Each has two doors and several windows.

Some of the rituals performed on a service day include congregants removing their shoes before repenting their sins in the first church before proceeding to the next.

Mwalimu Yesu
The man in Bungoma who claims to be Jesus, running a church with disciples just like the Jesus in history

“I fully believe this man is Jesus, he heals and delivers,” one of the congregants stated.

Mwalimu Yesu is married with eight children, five boys, and three girls. Even though this has attracted controversy, some members of the public argue that Jesus was not married in the bible.

Following these doubts and loopholes, Mwalimu Yesu used Revelations 21:9 to defend himself.

“And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, ‘Come here, I will show you the Lamb’s wife’,” read the verse.

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