How to Get Rid of Swollen Feet During Pregnancy


The joys of pregnancy come with its fair share of burdens including swollen feet. However, fear not! There is a solution to this problem.

Pregnancy is one heck of an experience. Once you are pregnant, everything changes. Foods start to have ‘weird’ smells, your back screams at you 24/7, and worst of all, your feet swell to the size of balloons.

Swollen feet on an expecting lady are normal. They can be quite painful, to say the least, but not to worry, there is some good news.

Here are tips to get rid of swollen feet during pregnancy:

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  • Cut down on the caffeine

For all of you who are coffee lovers, sorry to burst your bubble. While a little coffee isn’t a death sentence, drinking it could essentially increase the swelling of the feet. If you cannot forego the coffee, try decaf or herbal tea instead.

  • A glass of water a day, keeps the swelling at bay

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day helps to get rid of harmful fluids in the body, especially those that could be the cause of your swelling. Try to incorporate water intake by keeping a water bottle in hand.

A glass of water a day keeps the swollen feet at bay
  • Rest up

Honey, the world is not stopping if you decided to rest. Take time to just sit down, put those swollen feet up, and relax. Heaven knows that constant standing is what gets your feet riled up.

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  • Massage

Swollen feet are your ticket to getting a free massage. Make sure to soothe those babies as much as possible. Massaging them helps to circulate the fluids in your feet that are the cause of the swell.

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  • Get a good pair of shoes

Chances are your feet are swelling because they are in tight shoes. Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes, most preferably open. Ensure that your socks are not too tight to restrict blood circulation in your feet.

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