Chinese Water Project Uplift Lives of Lusaka Residents

At least 2 million people residing in the Angolan Capital Luanda have a reason to Smile and Access Clean and hyginic Tap Water from a Chinese-Built Water Plant.

The 3rd phase of the Cabinda Water Plant built by China Machinery Engineering Corporation was put into function in April this year due to high demand of Water supply in various parts of the Country.

FOOTAGE:At least two million people residing in the Angolan Capital of Luanda have a reason to Smile and Access Clean and hyginic Tap Water from a Chinese-Built Water Plant.


The Chairman of the Board of the Group’s Subsidiary in Angola Zhu Qihui said that the Project comprises 74 Centralized Water Supply Points, Covering 24,000 Households estimation of 92% of the Province’s residential communities.

In a statement, Zhu Qihui added that the Project could supply Water 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, significantly relieving the supply shortage facing Port Transportation, Schools, and Local Industries.

PHOTO/COURTESY:The Angolan Capital Benefits from the Chinese Water Project.

In Angola, Chinese Companies have helped in developing Hydropower Stations, Drought Relief Projects, and Water Supply Facilities which have helped in the economic growth of the country.

A local resident Adriano who did not provide his full name said that it used to be a long distance walk to go and fetch Water.

PHOTO/COURTESY: The supply of Water.

Adding to his statement Adriano also said that more than 400 Households in his Community were affected by Water Scarcity for Decades.

“Giving a light to the water project, now the water pipe is connected to our doorstep, and we can fetch clean tap water,” said Adriano.


The Minister of Economy and Planning Mario Augusto Caetano Joao said that Angola is not lacking water, but the water resources are not used efficiently as needed. Thanks to the Companies from China for working towards the next step of progress.

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“Modern Technology has been deployed by the Chinese Companies in order to bring Economical experience to improve local livelihoods and revitalize sustainable development through enough water supply,” the Angolan Minister for Economy and Planning said.

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