Governor Sakaja created waves just hours after signing up for TikTok


Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja made history by joining TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and gaining a large number of followers.


Governor Sakaja has amassed over 237K followers in 48 hours after joining the platform with only six videos.

The videos have also received over 600,000 likes, and a cross-check on his page reveals that he only faces one person, Mbaka W, his social media manager.

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Sakaja’s first TikTok video has received over 3.1 million views.

“Hi I’m finally on TikTok, and this is my actual page.

“So let me know what to do next I’m new on the streets. Karibuni,” Sakaja said in his first video.

Sakaja followed up with an update on how generous TikTokers were in teaching him how to use the platform.

Governor Sakaja’s TikTok account

“The Tips are coming in first, nitashika tu, Thank you,”

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“I see everyone I’m following, that’s Mbaka, my social media manager, ndio ameniingiza kwa hii ya TikTok, follow her as well.”

Sakaja was pleased with his achievement: “Day 1, 64K followers, and I think I will enjoy this, finishing up in the office before I go home. “Asante sana.” 

Sakaja intends to use his page, like his other social media pages, to engage with the youth while attempting to address the challenges they face as Nairobians.

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Sakaja has a Twitter following of over 1.5 million people. On Instagram, he has over 230K followers, and on Facebook, he has over 700K followers.


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