Akothee’s Fiancé Omosh in Kisumu for Dowry Negotiations


On Monday evening Dennis Omosh Schweizer arrived at Kisumu international airport together with his friends.

He was received and welcomed by Akothee his wife to be with some of her friends.

The purpose of the visit was to negotiate the dowery price that he is going to give her family.

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Akothee With Dennis and his friends File/COURTESY

The dowery negotiation is to be held anytime this week at Akothee’s Migori home. The two met on July 2022 and they set off from there. As a couple, they have overcome certain challenges that made them stronger like losing their unborn children on December 17, 2022.

Apart from being couple goals, they are partners in business. Dennis Omosh Schweizer has merged his business with Akothee’s touring business in Kenya even becoming the chairman of the Akothee foundation.


Akothee insists that she is still the president of single mothers despite being out of the market and preparing for marriage. The fact still remains that she singlehandedly raised her children successfully without the help or privilege of having a partner beside her.

Akothee also says that she is in love with Omosh and she cannot wait to get married and settle down with him.

“I love Omosh very much and I could not wait to get married to him and settle down as husband and wife. However, my position as the President of the Single mothers does not change even with my new title. My title does not necessarily mean I am still a single mother, it basically means a woman who has successfully raised all of her children without the privilege of a partner,” Akothee said.

When Akothee received her husband-to-be and his entourage from the airport they took a few pictures before living for the ‘Kit-Mikayi’ also known as the stone of the first wife, a popular tourist attraction site in Kisumu.

On Instagram, she posed a question asking how much should her fiance pay for her dowery

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