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8 Essential Things to Bring to the Interview


Job seekers have several queries before going on a job interview, such as: What should I bring? How should I get ready for an interview? What shall I say? How can I tell if my interview went well?


Sadly, the response to a lot of these queries is, that it depends. But be encouraged. Job seekers can still prepare in a variety of ways to successfully navigate interviews and respond to typical interview questions.

Exemplars of your resume


Bring five copies or more of your résumé. To prevent bending or creasing and to make them simple to find, keep them in a different folder or professional folio.

Pen and paper

Make notes on the inquiries your interviewees make or unexpected revelations they make. These notes can be used as a follow-up in a subsequent thank-you email.

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Prepare interviewers’ questions in advance

Include at least two or three prepared questions for the interviewers to have on hand when you place the blank paper, copies of your CV, and folder in your folio. In case you unexpectedly lose your train of thought when asked if you have any questions, it’s a good idea to jot them down beforehand.

Mouthwash or floss

Bring something with you to promote good oral hygiene. Choose the item that will make you feel clean and confident, whether it be gum, mints, floss, or a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Business cards

Business card

If you don’t have any, it’s okay; it’s only polite to trade business cards whenever you can. Try to acquire one from each interviewer, but don’t feel uncomfortable about it. This makes it easier for you to send a thank-you email as a follow-up. The majority of padfolios already contain pockets for business cards.

The portfolio

Photographers and other creative professionals should bring a physical portfolio to the interview. However—did you know non-artists are permitted to bring portfolios? Fill yours with evaluations of your performance, encouraging emails, documents you contributed to design, and images of trophies or other honors.

A photo ID

Why should a list of items to bring to an interview include a photo ID? Although you generally won’t need it, you might if they immediately hire you. Even if they don’t, you could require it to pass through security or just as identification.

How to get there for the interview(Directions)

Don’t let a late arrival jeopardize your chances of landing the job after all your meticulous planning. Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, and map out your route in advance of the interview. Add extra time if you’re taking public transit to allow for unforeseen delays or interruptions. Make sure you know where to park if you’re driving; if you’re working with a recruiter, you can ask them for this information.


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