China Outlines Goals to Build Strong Agricultural Country

China through its President Xi Jinping outlined key goals in order to build the agricultural sector strong at the Central Rural Work Conference in Beijing.

The president said that ensuring a stable and safe supply of food and important agricultural products has always been the top-notch priority in the pursuit of agricultural power.


“To feed close the 1.4 billion people which is China’s population. China on the other hand can only rely on itself. Thus, Self-reliance and independence in food production will be absolutely important and necessary for China”, Said Current Affairs Commentator Victor Gal.

Since 2012, China has attached great importance to work related to agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, and has made enormous progress in poverty alleviation in rural revitalization.

China's President Xi Jinping
PHOTO/COURTESY: China’s President Xi Jinping outlines key goals in order to build the agricultural sector strong at the Central Rural Work Conference in Beijing.

The country’s per capita disposal income of rural residents reached 18,901 in 2021 more than doubling that of 2012. The income gap between urban and rural residents is also narrowed.

However, experts said there are still more tough tasks ahead in the pursuit of the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

China's President Xi Jinping
PHOTO/COURTESY:The display of harvesting machines in the agricultural fields in China.

“Comparing the countryside with the urban areas in China, there is still insufficient access to healthcare schools, for example, for the elderly. And, childcare of all kinds and how China can really make sure that people in the countryside will love to stay in the countryside and there will be other jobs to be provided just by their doorstep”, Said Victor Gal.

Among other key measures at the conference, the Chinese president called upon accelerating public service facilities in elderly care and medical care and improving the rural infrastructure system.

Agricultural activities in the farm.
PHOTO/COURTESY: The agricultural activities taking place in the agriculture field.

The president urged to build the whole agricultural industrial chain and enhance market competitiveness and sustainable development capacity in order to attract more talent with more jobs.

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Also during the conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the protection of rural communities from Covid-19 as the year ends, the spring festival holidays, faced with challenges coming with the relaxation of epidemic controls, the president called on efforts to guarantee medical care for returning migrant workers, college and secondary school students.

Agricultural activities in the farm
PHOTO/COURTESY: Rice planting process using modern machine.

Online and Offline Medical Services will be provided, and essential drugs and test kits will also be easily accessible.

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