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3 Dead, and Others Injured at Karebe Mines in Nandi County

Three people died and another three were seriously injured after an attack by illegal miners at the Karebe mines near Kibigori on Monday, January 23 in Nandi.


The statement which was issued by Karebe Gold Mining Limited indicated that the deceased was working at the site at about 4 pm East African Time when the attack occurred.

3 dead and others injured
PHOTO/COURTESY:3 Dead, and Others Injured at Karebe Mines in Nandi County.

“We are still waiting for the police to arrive so we can move into the ground and remove the bodies,” Albert Douglas a human resource official told one of the daily newspapers on phone.

He said in a statement that those who planned for the explosives took off immediately after they noticed people had died.

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In a statement, Douglas also said they had a couple of meetings with the sub-County security committee under the chairmanship of Esther Oyugi after they gathered intelligence of the impending plan the illegal miners had put in place to try and expel Karebe company.

PHOTO/COURTESY: A section of gold mine.

“Our staff was instantly killed when a wall built to prevent the mine against flooding and illegal incursion was blasted illegally by illegal miners,” reads the statement.

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The company’s alleged wrangles with a rival mine could have led to the attack accusing relevant authorities of laxity to end mining activities in the disputed area.

PHOTO/COURTESY: Entrance gate at the Karebe Mines in Nandi County.

The mining company is licensed to operate in Kenya at the Chemase location and has been in operation for over 13 years.


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