The Right Time to Move in with Your Partner


Sometimes, moving in with your partner seems like the best idea, until shit hits the fan and you start reconsidering all your life decisions.

Love is great. It makes people do the craziest of things, like moving in together three months into the relationship. Sure, living together with your partner could be the best thing yet, since you always have someone waiting on you to come back home. However, there is a very thin line between wanting to live together and when is the right time to put your cohabiting plans into motion.


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So, when is the perfect, or at least the most conducive time to move in together?

  • When you are financially ready

Most people may overlook it saying how love surpasses all. However, that is only applicable in the ideal world. In the real world, you are not going to eat that love, James. You both need to be financially ready to move in together. If anything, the financial burden increases twice as much as before you were on your own. Have this conversation and figure out how to take care of bills and whatnot.

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  • When you are comfortable with sharing space

A home is such a personal space for anyone. It is where you can go and scream your lungs out after a bad day or when the world has been mean to you, including that partner of yours. So, the question is, are you ready to share that space with them?

You know it is the right time to move in together when you are comfortable with the petty routines of your partner
  • Are you ready to deal with the petty?

So many things cause couples to fall out, some even being as petty as they get. You know James does not put the toilet seat down, he is very messy and could wear those black boxers three ways in one (inside out, back to front, and front to back). There’s leaving the plate on the table after eating, or extremely loud music. Are you ready for all this; if not you would rather live separately than have a fight over who is doing the dishes become the cause of your relationship’s downfall.

  • If it is a mutual agreement

You’d be surprised how many people are living together yet they hate it. He suggested the idea and because she did not want to make him sad, she agreed to it. Mutual consent in this situation is very important. Be sure that the decision is what both of you want, otherwise, it will be a very long journey of faking happiness with your partner while you go out to drinks just to vent to the boys.

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Living together can be a deadly move. It is the reason why some couples broke up; it was too hot to handle. Think about it very carefully before it is too late and we see you start packing your bags to move out of his house and his life.

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