Socialite Shay Diva found guilty of stealing Toyota V8

Shay Diva

Shay Diva was found guilty of stealing a Toyota V8 from the late PJ Dodhia Kumar, a business Tycoon. Kitale magistrate Julius N’garng’ar said the socialite transferred the Toyota Landcruiser V8 at an odd time just a few days after the late PJ Dodhia Kumar passed away.

Shay Diva was also accused of accessing the late PJ Dodhia Kumar’s NTSA account illegally and transferring the car’s ownership to her own claiming that the late Business man gifted her the car before he passed away.

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However, Chirag Bhat, a witness who testified in the case said Shay Diva used to blackmail the deceased with their relationship. Shay Diva would threaten to disclose their relationship to the late businessman’s wife who lives in the UK and that is how Shay Diva remained with the luxurious car.

According to NTSA records the transfer of the car log book was done by a person who logged into his TIMS account at 11:45 pm on 26th April 2022 just four days after he passed away. At 2:00 pm the following day the authorization was granted without the supporting documents from the owner. She did not adhere to the mandated process of transferring vehicle ownership.

After the family of the late PJ Dodhia Kumar filed a complaint to the authorities Shay Diva was arrested. The family said that the deceased gave her the car on a use-and-return basis since they were in a relationship.

She was arrested on Friday 2nd July 2022 and will be sentenced on Monday 5th December 2022. In her defence, she says she had no idea the car was transferred to her and that it was done without her knowledge. She only found out about it after she logged into her NTSA account.

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