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No Problem with Men Wanting Some attention


When your man is busy throwing subtle hints at you, whether it is a little poking or a brush of the arms, he is just asking for a little attention.


Society has defined and redefined what it is to be a man in the way they are supposed to talk, walk and act.

This has promoted a breed of toxic men who aspire so much to be alpha males when deep down, they want to be loved and given attention by their partners.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a little sugar from your lady.

Men can be very sly when they want attention from their partners

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Men have strategized some unique ways to get attention from their significant halves. Here are some techniques they use:

  • Subtle touching

Men can be so sly with this. He will merely glaze his hand over your arm and you think it is an accident when in reality, they want to charm you to focus your attention on them.

Sometimes, they do it deliberately and make sure you are aware of their intentions. So, sister, you better put everything on hold and shower that man with some love.

  • Out-of-the-blue compliments

This one works like a love potion. Women like to be told nice things, whether it is about their face, their dress, or how they smell.

So, complimenting them gets their focus to shift to you faster than a rocket. Try it and see the magic unfold.

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  • Engaging their partners in a conversation

There is no better way to get a person’s attention than engaging them in an active discussion. Men have this cheeky trick up their sleeves.

They usually start with casual small talk, you know, the nitty gritty to know how your day was. Then it seeps into a more serious conversation that has you hooked before you know it. Yet again, he aims, he shoots and he scores. Goal!

Nothing picks the interest of a women more than an interesting conversation
  • Flaunting their cooking skills

Somehow, the way to a woman’s heart could be food as well. Heaven knows they treasure a man who can cook. What better way to grab her absolute attention than by surprising her with a meal?

Not only will this get you the attention you crave, but it will also get that girl swooning over you seven ways to Sunday. What a satisfying feeling.

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At the end of the day, men too, are human beings who appreciate physical contact with loved ones. It does not make sense to act all macho when we know that deep inside, you are a soft teddy bear, James.


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