Kenya to Lower Restrictions for South Sudan Traders

Kenya to Lower Restrictions For South Sudan traders

Kenya will start the process of facilitating the passage of commodities from South Sudan’s Mombasa port. The option of clearing cargo in Mombasa or inland depots in Nairobi or Naivasha is available to traders.

The change occurred following the two leaders’ President William Ruto and his counterpart President Salva Kiir Saturday meeting, on December 3 for bilateral talks.

Kenya to Lower Restrictions For South Sudan Goods
President Ruto and South Sudan President Salva Kiir

“Traders from South Sudan can choose the most convenient point to pick their goods with no restrictions,” said Dr. Ruto.

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In order to lower the cost of doing business between the people of the two countries, President Ruto added that Kenya would give South Sudan land in Mombasa on which to construct a dry port.

Kenya to Lower Restrictions For South Sudan traders

“On behalf of the people of South Sudan we are grateful to Kenya for allowing our traders to choose where to clear their goods without any restrictions,” said President Kiir.

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This comes just after the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce said that it would relocate its cargo to the port of Djibouti.

South Sudan is the second largest client of Kenya after Uganda.

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