Dominic Muasya appointed Kenya Education Fund new executive director

Dominic Muasya

The Kenya Education Fund has today announced the appointment of Dominic Muasya as the new Executive Director effective immediately.

He takes over from KEF’s founder Bradley Broder who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.

Dominic Muasya appointed Kenya Education Fund new executive director
Dominic Muasya appointed Kenya Education Fund new executive director. File: Courtesy.

“We have come a long way as an organization, having started with only one student. Those who have passed through our program have been transformed. However, our communities still need support. The task ahead is enormous and requires all of us to work together,” said Dominic Muasya, Executive Director – Kenya Education Fund.

He added that “I am honored to take this appointment. As I steer this ship to new horizons, I am optimistic that together we shall continue providing a bridge to better lives and breaking the cycle of poverty. I believe that everyone can be self-reliant through education.”

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Prior to his appointment Mr. Muasya has been KEF’s Country Director
He joined the two-decade-old institution as a volunteer and then as a full-time employee.
Mr. Muasya has been among the driving pillars in the implementation of KEF’s mission while shepherding the organization’s students and increasing its impact.

“As a steady and compelling advocate for KEF, we are confident that Mr. Muasya has the vision, capabilities, and dedication to growing the organization. We look forward to his leadership as he continues to move KEF forward and impact education in Kenya,” said Mittie Rooney, Chairwoman KEF – US board.

KEF provides economically disadvantaged students in Kenya with scholarships, support, and educational resources for them to improve their lives and communities.

Since its inception, KEF has provided education to more than 4,000 young Kenyans who now support themselves and their communities.

In 2022 alone the foundation has offered more than 320 form-one student scholarships.

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